The textbook on one of the biggest forces shaping our world is …

“Decentralization – Technology’s Impact on Business and Society”

Wulf (along with mathematics professor Craig Calcaterra) shows you how to:

  • Learn to embrace the change that comes with decentralization. 
  • Leverage the advantages of decentralization for the common good. 
  • Examine the core infrastructure elements needed for genuinely decentralized transactions, including: 
    • Legal environment. 
    • Underwriting. 
    • A truly decentralized blockchain scaling and security. 
    • Efficient governance. 

“Decentralization” is essential reading for businesses seeking to win in an increasingly decentralized world where adaptation speed is the competitive advantage that matters most.

From DeGruyter Publishers. Available on Amazon.

“Decentralization – Technology’s Impact on Business and Society” – Forthcoming in DeGruyter Publishers (2020) – Available on Amazon.