Mark Fenwick*, Wulf A. Kaal* & Erik P.M. Vermeulen**

The legal profession is one of the most disrupted sectors of the consulting industry today. The rise of Legal Tech, artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, and, most importantly, blockchain technology is changing the practice of law. The sharing economy and platform companies challenge many of the traditional assumptions, doctrines, and concepts of law and governance, requiring litigators, judges, and regulators to adapt. Lawyers need to be equipped with the necessary skillsets to operate effectively in the new world of disruptive innovation in law. A more creative and innovative approach to educating lawyers for the 21st century is needed.

Keywords: Legal Education, Legal Profession, Disruptive Innovation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Blockchain Technology, Platform Company, Platform Economy, Decentralization, Decentralized Autonomous Organization, Social Media, Technology, Trust.

JEL Classification: D20, D23, F60, G30, K20, K22, L20, L25, L29, O10, O30, O40

New article: #legal #education in #blockchain #Revolution with @erikpmvermeulen & @MarkDFenwick

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