Securities Versus Utility Tokens

Abstract The nomenclature for the term “securities token” is unclear and the term securities token has not been defined. The lack of a clearly delineated nomenclature resulted in various uses and interpretations of the term securities token, especially vis-à-vis the term “utility token.” This article helps clarify the nomenclature by first defining the general characteristics […]

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How DAOs Optimize Charitable Giving

Charitable giving in legacy systems is subject to several major downsides that can be addressed with decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). Centralized legacy charitable organization often lack foundational transparency and are subject to significant power imbalances that favor the donor and lead to centralization of the charity. Existing legal incentives often lead to so-called Zombie Charities […]

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Stable Cryptocurrencies – First Order Principles

Stanford Journal of Blockchain Law & Policy (2019) Abstract The emergence and proliferation of stable cryptocurrencies necessitate the establishment of first order design principles for stable cryptocurrencies. After highlighting the benefits of stable cryptocurrencies for monetary policy making, overall market stability, and their impact on the emergence of decentralized commerce, the authors introduce First Order […]

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CRYPTO ECONOMICS – The Top 100 Token Models Compared

After over a year of data collection and coding with a team of 6 researchers, I am delighted to present the initial results of the data analyses. Download the paper here. The research team is currently working on more granular analyses of each coding category presented with time series. Abstract The article provides an overview […]

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Initial Coin Offerings – Emerging Practices, Risk Factors, and Red Flags

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are the most efficient means of financing entrepreneurial initiatives in the history of capital formation. ICOs minimizing transaction cost, democratizing finance, and in the process dis-intermediate banks. Yet, ICOs have increasingly involved cases of abuse, lacking quality, and governance concerns, precipitating calls for increased regulation. This article provides an overview of the ICO market as it exists in November 2017 including the  ICO process, roadmap, market conditions, crypto economics for ICO startups, core risk factors for investors and red flags of ICO practices that require industry or regulatory improvements. 

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