Decentralization – Past, Present, and Future

This introduction to decentralization examines decentralization’s past, present, and future. By tracing the history of past and existing decentralized systems and by examining emerging decentralized technology solutions, the author highlights the trends that lead to higher levels of decentralization in commerce and society. Download here Abstract Part 1 – The Past: Examines how we got […]

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Takeaways – World Economic Forum 2019

The World Economic Forum 2019 took place from January 20 to 26th in Davos Switzerland. Despite much of the negative press after the weeklong meetings of world – and tech -leaders in Davos, Switzerland, I find 3 key positive takeaways are worth noting. Humanity is experiencing unprecedented exponential disruptive innovation I have been teaching the […]

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Top 100 Token Models Compared

This article provides an overview of the most popular cryptocurrencies by market capitalization and their associated token incentive designs. The examination of different aspects of these tokens enables an analysis of areas in emerging blockchain technology and their growth, among other trends. To create the dataset and determine its scope for this study, the author […]

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The 2018 ICO Market

Presentation at FinTank’s CryptoCon 2018: Fintank CryptoCon 2018 – Wulf Kaal – ICO Panel Based on this article: Initial Coin Offerings: the Top 25 Jurisdictions and Their Comparative Regulatory Responses 23 Pages Posted:  Wulf A. Kaal University of St. Thomas, Minnesota – School of Law Date Written: February 2, 2018 Abstract This article provides an overview […]

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Wulf Kaal @ ConsenSys Panel – World Economic Forum – Davos Switzerland 2018.

Discussing Sustainable Solutions for Crypto Evolution via Verified Domain Specific Reputation in Anonymous Decentralized and Autonomous Systems.

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Panels @World Economic Forum 2018, Davos, Switzerland

Spoke on 3 panels @world economic forum 2018 in Davos, Switzerland. Here is the quick summary: WEF18 Panel discussing the need for verified domain specific reputation in #cryptoand the with @Aron Dutta VAPHR #vaphr and @Kamran Khan #infratechcapital @ World Economic Forum discussing why decentralized autonomous reputation verification is needed in the #crypto #economy to ensure an evolutionary structure can support infrastructure. Panel on […]

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Innovation and Legislation: The Changing Relationship – Evidence from 1984 to 2015

We examine the relationship between innovation as measured by annual utility patents granted and two datasets for legislation: (1) the U.S. Code and (2) the Code of Federal Regulations from 1984 to 2015. We show that the historical relationship between innovation and legislation has changed, especially for computer and communication patents. The evidence suggests that the existing regulatory infrastructure has a diminishing capacity to react to innovation. The evolving empirical relationship between innovation and legislation has implications for the legal system and rulemaking processes in the existing regulatory framework.

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Initial Coin Offerings – Emerging Practices, Risk Factors, and Red Flags

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are the most efficient means of financing entrepreneurial initiatives in the history of capital formation. ICOs minimizing transaction cost, democratizing finance, and in the process dis-intermediate banks. Yet, ICOs have increasingly involved cases of abuse, lacking quality, and governance concerns, precipitating calls for increased regulation. This article provides an overview of the ICO market as it exists in November 2017 including the  ICO process, roadmap, market conditions, crypto economics for ICO startups, core risk factors for investors and red flags of ICO practices that require industry or regulatory improvements. 

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