MAX PLANCK INSTITUTE LUXEMBOURG FOR PROCEDURAL LAW (December 2019) Abstract Corporations and other forms of business organizations can be supplemented with blockchain-based agency constructs. Blockchain-based decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) expand the definition of the firm. On-chain DAO governance enables dynamic regulatory features that facilitate unprecedented decentralized regulatory solutions. Keywords: Corporate Governance, Decentralized Autonomous Organization, Blockchain, […]


First Order Design Principles for Stable Cryptocurrencies

Are stable cryptocurrencies needed? How can one design an algorithmic policy for minting tokens and manage decentralized monetary policy? My most recent paper on “First Order Design Principles for Stable Cryptocurrencies” answers these and many other questions on stable cryptocurrencies. Abstract The emergence and proliferation of stable cryptocurrencies necessitate the establishment of first order design […]

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I. Introduction Contemporary society is expeditiously embracing decentralized solutions for human interaction. Increasingly complex frameworks, theories and models are needed to understand the issues facing contemporary societies.[1]Crypto-economics as a discipline is an attempt to create models that allow the analysis of interrelationship in increasingly complex frameworks of human interaction in distributed systems. Most commonly accepted […]


Wulf Kaal @ ConsenSys Panel – World Economic Forum – Davos Switzerland 2018.

Discussing Sustainable Solutions for Crypto Evolution via Verified Domain Specific Reputation in Anonymous Decentralized and Autonomous Systems.

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Blockchain Innovation for Private Investment Funds

  Abstract Blockchain technology innovation is proliferating in the private investment fund industry. Using a hand-selected dataset of private investment fund advisers that utilize blockchain technology in various functions (N=120), this article shows that the private fund advisers who utilize blockchain technology are able to generate significant benefits for their clients. The data analysis suggests […]

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Crypto Transaction Dispute Resolution (54 Pages)

 By Wulf A. Kaal & Craig Calcaterra   Abstract The rapid evolution of anonymous, autonomous, and distributed blockchain-based smart contracting creates friction and enforceability issues with existing legal and jurisdictional principles, calling the future governance of blockchain technology into question. The effective governance of blockchain technology and smart contracting is essential to ensuring its continuing […]

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Smart Contract Dispute Resolution – The Need for an Open Source Blockchain Platform Ecosystem

by Wulf A. Kaal & Craig Calcaterra Abstract An open source platform ecosystem for dispute resolution of crypto transactions allows users to opt into a conflict resolution mechanism that enables more nuanced crypto solutions and produces greater certainty for legacy businesses than existing solutions such as the Aragon network or OpenBazaar. The ecosystem provides anonymized arbiter […]

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