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Blockchain Solutions for Sustainable Development


Presented on “Blockchain Solutions for Sustainable Development” at Microsoft Innovation and Policy Center in Chicago on March 5th, 2018. Great crowd of blockchain developers and enthusiasts.

Thanks to @SorenSpicknall, #Microsoft, and #BSGC for hosting!

Topics covered: 1. Core Problems, 2. Blockchain’s Promise, 3. Blockchain Challenges, 4. Possible Solution

Explained how platform can help introduce crypto solutions via reputation verification to support SDG crypto startups via 4th generation crypto infrastructure platform.

Presentation slides here:  Blockchain for Good – Version 3 copy


Conference Announcement: “Blockchain and the Crypto Economy”

Hosting conference @UST Law in downtown Minneapolis, March 28th on “Blockchain and the Crypto Economy”.

Topics, among others:

#Crypto #Evolution,

#Crypto #Economy,

#Blockchain #Innovation in #Law,

Reputation Verification as #Crypto #Law

All are welcome.

Tentative Program: JLPP Spring 2018 Symposium – Version 2

The Decentralized Society and Legal Blockchain Solutions

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