Thank you Robert Tercek for a wonderful interview. Here is Robert’s take:

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are a fascinating aspect of crypto innovation. To me, the DAO concept is one of the most creative new business ideas of the decade. A DAO is a non-hierarchical alternative to a corporation: no CEO, no C-Suite, no investors with special rights and preferences, and no Board of Directors. DAOs are bottoms-up communities owned by the workers who self-organize around tasks. Some wags call them “a chat room with a bank account.” DAOs are growing incredibly fast. From zero in 2015, there are now about 50,000 and by year end there will be 100,000 DAOs. They are placeless (residing in the cloud), leaderless (in terms of no C-suite) and often anonymous collectives.

I recently interviewed Wulf Kaal on The Futurists podcast. Wulf is an expert in corporations, law and crypto. He is deeply knowledgable about DAO governance, which is essential to understanding how a leaderless self-organizing group can function. He gained this knowlege first hand. When I first met Wulf, he was in the process of launching his second DAO. Now he is managing eight of them. Wulf kindly provided me with a tutorial in this rapidly-evolving discipline. In this episode, you will learn about how a DAOs works and how participants can earn reputation tokens that serve as the basis for community voting, earnings, and identity. I’d be interested in hearing feedback from listeners. The Futurists is a very new collaboration with author Brett King. We are keen to get constructive suggestions about how to make this podcast better.

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