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International Digital Chamber of Commerce (IDCC – Zug Switzerland)


Absolutely delighted and honored to become a co-founder of the International Digital Chamber of Commerce (IDCC – Zug Switzerland), a humanitarian organization using blockchain and digital technology for resolving the world’s problems, including the Sustainable Development Goals. More to come on this very soon…!



First Annual Toronto FinTech Conference

Because of popular demand, here is the presentation from the First Annual Toronto FinTech Conference.


First Annual Toronto FinTech Conference – Kaal – Blockchain Solutions for Governance via Repute Platform Deck – Version 2

Blockchain Innovation for Private Investment Funds



Blockchain technology innovation is proliferating in the private investment fund industry. Using a hand-selected dataset of private investment fund advisers that utilize blockchain technology in various functions (N=120), this article shows that the private fund advisers who utilize blockchain technology are able to generate significant benefits for their clients. The data analysis suggests that blockchain technology plays a primary role in front office and investment functions, in the securing of crypto assets, but also in private investment fund managers’ attempts to satisfy the growth expectations of clients. The findings are consistent with anecdotal evidence suggesting that the returns attainable through crypto investments have no short-term match in legacy systems. Although the use of blockchain technology in private investment fund strategies is still in its infancy, as it evolves and accelerates, the associated innovation benefits promise lasting change for the industry.


Keywords: Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Data Scientists, Meta Models, Innovation, Entrepreneur, Startup, Big Data, Private Investment Funds, Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Diversification, Compliance, Optimization, Efficiency

JEL Classification: K20, K23, K32, L43, L5, O31, O32

Suggested Citation

Kaal , Wulf A., Blockchain Innovation for Private Investment Funds (July 6, 2017). Available at SSRN:

The “Unmediated” and “Tech-driven” Corporate Governance of Today’s Winning Companies

Full article available at:


Recent corporate governance initiatives encourage a culture of long-term value creation and growth but cannot work as intended by policymakers. The current discussion about corporate governance ignores the transition from a centralized to a decentralized, unmediated, and interconnected world and from a world of vertical hierarchies to a world of horizontal, open, and autonomous networks. This transition process was initiated and is increasingly accelerated by rapid technological change, including developments in social media, blockchain-based smart contracts, decentralized autonomous organizations, big data, and artificial intelligence. This paper shows how policymakers, regulators, business people, consultants, and other corporate governance experts can re-conceptualize corporate governance in a technology-driven and interconnected world.

Keywords: Algorithms, Artificial intelligence, Big data, Blockchain, Board of directors, Communication, Corporate Culture, Corporate Governance, Decentralization, Decentralized autonomous organization, Dialogue, Platform company, Social media, Stewardship codes, Technology, Trust

JEL Classification: C88, D20, D23, F60, G30, K20, K22, L20, L25, L29, O10, O30, O40

UCLA Presentation “Blockchain Innovation In Private Investment Funds”

‪Presenting at UCLA @LMI_UCLALaw @UCLA on #Blockchain #innovation for #Hedgefunds #privateequity #VentureCapital #startups #disrupting #compliance. 

Startups (including Melonport, Numerai, LendingRobot, Varga Fund, among many others) that optimize their internal operations, compliance, and investment strategies with blockchain technology are able to overcome barriers to entry, diseconomies of scale, and can lower their fees and market themselves to investors in innovative and disruptive ways. Larger players can overcome diseconomies of scale but need to embrace the new Blockchain infrastructure. 

Big international crowd – Very energizing to talk to and network with and explore Blockchain applications/innovation with some of the largest private fund advisers as well as startup private funds from Europe, Asia, and the US! 

Blockchain Technology for Horizontal Agriculture Innovation 

Delighted to participate in the first Davos on the Delta Conference organized by ISelect Fund’s Carter Williams. Fantastic event in Memphis TN – the Silicone Valley for #Agriculture #Entrepreneurship #Innovation. All leading player in the agriculture business and leading AG startups in various financing stages are present and it is extremely energizing to talk about AG innovation. Most interesting – how can we create trust through technology between different AG players, farmers, among other participants to created healthier and more sustainable food for society and transition from vertical to more horizontal integration ? Answer: #Blockchain #ML #bigdata #platform #Business. 

Presenting at @ECB European Central Bank and @EBS European Business School on “#Blockchain #Innovation in #law” including #dao #AI #ml #bigdata.

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