Blockchain Innovation for Private Investment Funds

  Abstract Blockchain technology innovation is proliferating in the private investment fund industry. Using a hand-selected dataset of private investment fund advisers that utilize blockchain technology in various functions (N=120), this article shows that the private fund advisers who utilize blockchain technology are able to generate significant benefits for their clients. The data analysis suggests […]

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Blockchain Innovation for the Hedge Fund Industry

Full paper with data analysis available here. Abstract Blockchain technology innovation is proliferating in the hedge fund industry. Blockchain technology plays a primary role in front office and investment functions, in the securing of crypto assets, but also in private investment fund managers’ attempts to satisfy the growth expectations of clients. Although the use of […]

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UCLA Presentation “Blockchain Innovation In Private Investment Funds”

‪Presenting at UCLA @LMI_UCLALaw @UCLA on #Blockchain #innovation for #Hedgefunds #privateequity #VentureCapital #startups #disrupting #compliance.  Startups (including Melonport, Numerai, LendingRobot, Varga Fund, among many others) that optimize their internal operations, compliance, and investment strategies with blockchain technology are able to overcome barriers to entry, diseconomies of scale, and can lower their fees and market themselves […]

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Blockchain Technology for Horizontal Agriculture Innovation 

Delighted to participate in the first Davos on the Delta Conference organized by ISelect Fund’s Carter Williams. Fantastic event in Memphis TN – the Silicone Valley for #Agriculture #Entrepreneurship #Innovation. All leading player in the agriculture business and leading AG startups in various financing stages are present and it is extremely energizing to talk about […]

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‪Teaching “#coding for #Lawyers” @TilburgU

‪Teaching “#coding for #Lawyers” @TilburgU -: how? Answer: #blockchain #ethereum #smartcontracts #DAO #EVM #solidity Here is the solidity basic code and background slides: Thank you Erik P.M. Vermeulen for supporting and leading innovation in Law!!!

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Teaching “#coding for #Lawyers” @TilburgU 

Teaching “#coding for #Lawyers” @TilburgU -: today’s Session Why Coding for Lawyers? Answer: #disruptive #innovation #ai #ml #bigdata #blockchain and:  Here are the slides for today’s session:  Many thanks to @erikpmvermeulen and Ingrid van Eeghem – we missed you in class but students were fantastic with wonderful discussion / questions and deep insights […]

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Private Fund Fee Structure and Blockchain Applications

  (Forthcoming: Lowell Milken Institute for Business Law and Policy – UCLA School of Law) Fully Cited Version: The traditional 2/20 fee structure of private investment funds has come increasingly under pressure in the last ten years. Several market factors help explain the pressure on the fee structure of the private investment fund industry. Private fund […]

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