Stable Cryptocurrencies – First Order Principles

Stanford Journal of Blockchain Law & Policy (2019) Abstract The emergence and proliferation of stable cryptocurrencies necessitate the establishment of first order design principles for stable cryptocurrencies. After highlighting the benefits of stable cryptocurrencies for monetary policy making, overall market stability, and their impact on the emergence of decentralized commerce, the authors introduce First Order […]

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Blockchain-Based Securities Offerings

What can blockchain technology contribute to the evolution of the trading infrastructure and securities offerings? We provide answers based on existing precedence of blockchain-based securities offerings in this new article (with Sam Evans – PWC): Click here or copy /paste link: Abstract Blockchain technology has the potential to supplement the existing infrastructure for securities offerings. […]

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Stable Cryptocurrencies

Stable cryptocurrencies offer the public the prospect of access to the crypto ecosystem built on the stability and endurance of the existing financial system. Stable cryptocurrencies offer investors the prospect of a safe haven when markets are volatile. They also address the costly fiat-to-crypto-conversion (and vice versa) for those investors who wish to avoid conversion […]

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